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For the Love of the Heechul x Eeteuk Couple
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Info & Rules

1. All your Post must have one of the two included.

2. Allowed [and welcome :D ♥] are: Graphics, FanArt, Fanfiction, Wallpapers, mp3, Pictures, downloads and other all related to Heechul or Eeteuk.

3. No Bashing of Members of this Community or even Heechul or Eeteuk.

4. All post must be friends-locked!

5. Don't steal the work of others and mark it as yourselfs work. If you post something from someone other, credit.

6. Use a Lj-Cut for bigger posts!

7. Please use also TAGs. It's better for us all to see trough all the posts.

8. Have fun and share the Heeteuk Love <3 ♥♥

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